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Unto Us The Time Has Come (2015)

Unto Us the Time Has Come (2015)
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Unto Us The Time Has Come (2015)
Unto Us The Time Has Come (2015)

About book: Sweet, merciful Christ. Men. Are. Such. Idiots.That's really the moral of this ' second bite at the apple' story, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I've read some Sean Michael stories that really didn't work for me, side-eyeing you "The Bohemians," but thankfully this was not one of them. This short 56 page read is the story of how artist Kenn gave his workaholic husband of 14 years, Chris, an ultimatum, which effectively ended their relationship. Spend more time with us and less at the office or we’re leaving. He’d never expected Chris to say, “Then leave.” So almost a year later, Kenn, their 8 y.o. son and 6 y.o. daughter are living on their own, with Kenn working 2 jobs to afford a crappy apartment.Kenn and Chris' relationship, other than seeing one another when swapping off the kids for visitations, is non-existent and neither man is happy. They both desperately miss their best friend and other half of their soul.However, Kenn's pride is still firmly intact, despite the long, tiring hours to provide a roof for his kids, but fortunately Chris' resolve in that he needed to work so much to be the sole breadwinner has crumbled.Like the old saying goes, "You can be right or you can be happy. Pick one."Well, this time around Chris is determined to make the necessary changes and the right choice. The right choice from them all.The story was well-paced, without any hysterical theatrics, which I genuinely appreciated.The two kids, Micah and Sarah, were present, but not omni-present, thank God. They were actually written realistically and weren't 'too cute for words' in your face 24/7, allowing the focus to remain firmly on their dads.There were also tons of feels, so you might find yourself tearing up a few times, especially when both me are at the end of their ropes and their defensive walls are lowered, finally allowing the other inside for the first time in a year.The sexiness was there as well, but didn't overwhelm or feel unnecessary.Overall, this short Christmas story just really worked for me, so I'd rate it around 4.25 stars and definitely recommend this one.

Sean Michael is the author I go when I need some sweetness and cuddles in my reading time. He never disappoint me. Especially in his stories featuring children. I’m a sucker for those ones. So you can guess how happy I was when I finished this DSP Advent Calendar short called Unto Us The Time Has Come.It is a second chance at love story with an established couple, Kenn and Chris, who just spent the last year being apart, but they are still deep in love. Christmas is around the corner and they need to spend it together, for their children’s sake. Moreover it’s time for them to pull their heads from their asses and understand being apart is just making them miserable.Yes, I love Sean Michael books. His stories are all easy to read, full of emotions and always full of steamy sex. I can’t ask for more. And this story is the reason why I keep being hungry for more of his work. It is a short but it lacked of nothing, especially in the good feelings.
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Caroline Brand
REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCEThis is something quite different from Sean Michael usual stories and I really enjoyed it!This is a second chance at love story. It’s been almost a year since Kenn Grayson challenged his workaholic husband about his hours. Without thinking it through Kenn delivered an ultimatum – ignore the work call or he would leave with the kids. Chris called his bluff and told him to go. It didn’t work out like either planned or the way either wanted but they are both as stubborn as each other.A year later and Christmas has arrived again. The two men are living separate lives. Kenn no longer indulges his art, too busy holding down two jobs and looking after the kids. Chris spends very little time at home, it just doesn’t feel like home anymore without his husband and kids there. When Kenn has a crisis and reaches his limit Chris comes through for him but can they resolve their problems and go back to being a family?This is a feel good story just in time for Christmas that will leave you with a smile on your face.
Melissa Mendoza
“He reached for Kenn’s hand, holding it under the table. It felt just right. It was about time.”4 cuddly Christmas Stars!! Such a sweet, holiday love filled book!! It was so wonderful and fun to read!This quick read is about second chance love. Kenn and Chris, now trying to get back on their feet after separating and dealing with now being single men with families. Neither really want to be single, but they don’t want to go through being hurt again either. Then on Christmas Kenn admits to Chris that he’s still in love with him and Chris admits the same. But can these two make it together even after everything they’ve been through??This was a cute, quick read. And although Kenn and Chris worked my nerves with their stubbornness, I still really loved the story overall!!ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Melissa from Alpha Book Club
2.75 stars rounded upMy friend Irene -- who kinda knows what I dislike from a book -- told me that it was 'safe' to read this because it only contained one sex scene. I usually avoid Sean Michael's stories at all costs, because I had perception that they were usually rather cliche or sugary. Bottom line, her stories are just not for me. So ... what do I think of this? It was okay. It didn't rock my boat or making me want to run immediately to devour all of her other books. Like my friend, Todd said in his own review: "Men. Are. Such. Idiots". This story still had little too sugary bits for me. Plus I thought everything came a little too easy for the resolution; I mean it was all sorted out because (view spoiler)[Chris got a job offer that didn't require him to travel (hide spoiler)]
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