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Unveiled (2011)

Unveiled (2011)

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An impressive story. I notice that Courtney Milan doesn't follow the typical formula for a romance. Her characters have far more depth, idiosyncrasies and complex motivations. Although, I'm not sure I as much understood Turner's need for revenge, but it still somehow fit. The characters don't end up hating one another, in fact, they're far more likely to fall in love and find an obstacle to being together, which they then must work out. I think I prefer this to the endless miscommunications, lies and deceits that most have. Milan's characters are actually good people. So needless to say, I loved this book as well. There is a section near the end when the male protagonist's behaviour crossed the line for me, and I've got to say I'd expected more positive female characters, but the families are once again interestingly drawn, the relationship is compelling (despite the instarecognition bordering on instalove) and the plot engaging. I wish Milan would have an equivalent series about female siblings and their successive matrimonial bliss.

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So good. Such strong, mature and amazing characters. It was a joy to read. 5 stars

I don't think I am a fan of her books.

3.5 stars

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