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Unwilling (2012)

Unwilling (2012)
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Ardent Publishing
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Unwilling (2012)
Unwilling (2012)

About book: Book 2 in the Series that was a promotional gift on Amazon awhile back.And just as with Book 1 you are pulled into the lives of the brothers who was governed by magic, turning into a Beserker that kill anyone at the drop of blood. With heightened emotions and instincts he conquers the lady of his heart. Amidst all the brutality he remains a man that can love with a delicate touch. Passionate in his lovemaking and claiming of his mate.The fast paced story much to short but yet entertaining till the end.I can hardly wait for Book 3 Conner..yumm love a story about a Highlander, especially when he is uncontrollable! On his way to right some sever wrongs. Putting end to a tyrant pillaging the countryside. Conner stumbles upon Lindsay (betrothed to the looting terror) while uncontrollable in his berserker form what will happen..??. Berserker...who doesn't like them?? I most certainly do. For a short tale you are quickly introduced to the 2 main lovers. With enough back round to get a firm grasp of them. Pretty quick to the hot an heavy. Which really works for this book. Tastefully done. I love books where two people come together and are stronger as one. Well done!!
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I very much enjoyed the first 3 books in this series. 5 stars. HOT!
Is a great book to read
poor novella
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