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Upgrade U (2011)

Upgrade U (2011)

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0758241917 (ISBN13: 9780758241917)

About book Upgrade U (2011)

This is the sequel following Shortie Like Mine. And, to summarize Josiah and Seven are high school sweetheart. But lately things between them haven't been so sweet since Josiah is a sophomore at Stiles University and she is an incoming freshman. He didn't even help her move in to her dorm and hasn't answered any of her calls. Her girlfriend Shae and new roommate Khya try to cheer her by taking her to a party Shae's boyfriend Big Country is the DJ. The party was turned up and booty shaking but Seven just couldn't enjoy herself because she missed Josiah. When she finally started enjoying herself it call came crashing down when she was leaving the party and saw Josiah all I some girl face when she been calling him all day. Seven goes ham on him and leaves his begging self in the hallway. Minutes later he comes pounding and pleading her to open the door. Eventually she opens the door and he schemes his way back into her heart. After that nothing really changes between them .Later in the story she meets a guy name Zaire who seems way better than the way Josiah is treating her. And I guess you have to read the rest to find out if the love between high school sweethearts can last temptation. I definitely enjoyed this book more than her others. It's much more relatable, for Sevyn isn't an annoying teenage girl anymore. She's come to New Orleans for College and is faced with the troubles of balancing school, friendships, and relationships (in a much more realistic way). The characters act their age, with the exception of one extremely flamboyant and unnecessary Courtney. In this book of the series Sevyn has to cope with the fact that she may be drifting away from her Prince Charming, who doesn't seem to be as charming as he used to be. She makes mistakes and important decisions and overall just sees what it's like to have to grow up.

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I thought the book was pretty good i like books with alot of drama and thats what that book was

The sequel to the book Shortie Like Mine

I havent read it yet im trying to!!

want to raed

it was good

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