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Urbat: Die Dunkle Gabe (2010)

Urbat: Die dunkle Gabe (2010)
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Urbat: Die Dunkle Gabe (2010)
Urbat: Die Dunkle Gabe (2010)

About book: This book was okay. I liked it well enough to finish it, but that may be because my standards were low after reading a few textbook-like books in a row and needing something light to bring me back out of the reading funk.If you've read the other reviews, you know the plot is predictable and follows your stereotypical female heroine meets dark and brooding supernatural antagonist who is actually the good guy all along. There's nothing wrong with that, though. The book drops heavy hints right from the beginning to the supernatural leanings of the characters, and gets downright cheesy with the romance towards the end.The heroine is pretty weak and awful obedient for a 17-year-old pastor's daughter. There is a heavy Christian leaning in the book, something I actually didn't find off-putting, but that may be for other readers. I really loved the tie in to the story of the prodigal son, but only because that's a particularly important biblical story to me and we've been studying it in my church recently.I read the ebook, so I did not experience the bold font problem that many complain about, so I'd recommend if you're interested in reading The Dark Divine that you pick up or borrow an ecopy.The quality of the writing is reminiscent of Stephenie Meyer - needs more editing. Lots more editing.All in all, this book was good enough to read, but not something that has moved me to pick up the sequel and not something I'd probably recommend to anyone. First I Wanted To Throw The Book To The Wall For Being So Slow! But It Was Worth The Wait! Had Some Sad And Some WTF Moments! Daniel Is Just Breathtaking.... Pete Makes Me Want To Punch Him!-.- He Was Really Annoying! Grace Was An Okay Character! She Didnt Really Convince Me Of A Strong Person Kinda! Cant Wait To See The 2nd One! Grace Brother Is What Gives Me The Shivers!/.\ I MUST READ MOREEEEE!!
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there are many twists and turns that you never know what will happen until the end.
Such a great book! So much emotion and action!
Love love it and I am a older reader at 57
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