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Vampire Instinct (2011)

Vampire Instinct (2011)

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0425241262 (ISBN13: 9780425241264)
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About book Vampire Instinct (2011)

Such an uninspired name for such a good book! I've been reading this series in backassward order, but I loved the background of the vampires living in the sanctuary for victims of domestic violence. Lord Mason created this sanctuary and two residents are Miah and Nerida, who were turned to vampires at the age of around 6 and 8. Elisa is a maid serving at Lady Danny's station in the outback, and loves this small group of turned children/vampire fledglings enough to give her life up for them. Great story with smoking hot sex and D/s scenes.... I really love this series! Malachi is a younger vampire, barely out of his century. His American Indian background, during the upheaval years of his birth, were not kind to his people or him. Orphaned as a child, he did not even know his real name nor recall his mother's name. After his brutal start in life, he eventually is taken and turned by a vampire. After a few decades, he leaves to make his own way, eventually trying to save wild cats in his private island preserve, bringing them back to their destined lives if possible. He owes Lady Daniella a favor, which brings the six fledgling children vampires into his care, along with Danny's second marked servant, Elisa, who has put herself in charge of the fledglings care. Mal will determine which, if any, of these prematurely and illegally turned children can survive in a world without cages. Elisa will do everything possible to protect and save them. An unusual turn in this series, but wonderfully written as well.

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Wonderful reading! Caution this is a paranormal BDSM novell.

wow I cried loads reading this. that poor boy :(

Another masterpiece from Joey W. Hill!

loved it. I was sad it ended!

4 ½ Stars

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