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Vampire Kisses: The Beginning (2009)

Vampire Kisses: The Beginning (2009)
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006177894X (ISBN13: 9780061778940)
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Vampire Kisses: The Beginning (2009)
Vampire Kisses: The Beginning (2009)

About book: Despise the people think, I really like the book. it's really good I have read all the books and I even cried a little even got mad were I had to put the book down (same with the crying part) I got so stuck in the book were I had to keep reading even on school night when I finally got to the last book I got so frustrated that I was on the last book. it took my a week (or a month) to get over the fact I read the hole series. I hope you well make one that tell me about ravens, Alexander's life as a vampire together and how there family reacts to the news. This book was like reading the diary of a boring, one-dimensional, cliché goth girl who constantly whinges about the town she lives in, the people in it and life in general. But just when you think it can't get any more enthralling than that, cue Alexander: stereotypical vampire dude who lives in a creepy, isolated old house. Of course our girl, Raven, automatically concludes that this eye-rollingly stereotypical vamp guy is the only one for her... And so begins potentially the most painful, cheesy romance you'll read for a long time. I couldn't even bring myself to finish the second book...
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Well paced and light, but would recommend this to younger readers.
awesome it made me want to read the rest of the series
not great book but wasnt horrible. kinda hust blah
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