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Vejo-te Em Todo O Lado (2009)

Vejo-te em Todo o Lado (2009)

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About book Vejo-te Em Todo O Lado (2009)

I enjoy Julia Glass's novels, but this one not so much. I had a difficult time getting into the novel as well as a hard time caring about Louisa and Clem. The story revolves around two sisters, Louisa and Clement, who grow into adulthood as competitors and uneasy friends, each searching for herself and a meaningful life. Just as I felt like giving up---maybe 2/3 through---the novel picked up. The end of the novel was satisfying. This book started out a little slow while I tried to figure out the characters. I enjoyed it mostly because it seemed totally believable to me. I have sisters and I understand the dynamics that sisters can often have...especially when they have such vastly different personalities. This is the first books I've read by this author and I have added her to my list of authors that I will read again.

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slow pace, and lacked emotional depth. I was hoping for a page turner, but was disappointed.

Two sisters, two different paths in life.

interesting and sad all rolled together

Not nearly as good as her first.

Jan 30, 2010

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