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Vengeance Of Dragons (2000)

Vengeance of Dragons (2000)
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0446608858 (ISBN13: 9780446608855)
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Vengeance Of Dragons (2000)
Vengeance Of Dragons (2000)

About book: I really wanted to like Vengeance of Dragons, but ultimately I was disappointed. The book continues a tiresome tug-of-war for the Mirror of Souls, which really wasn't that cool of an ancient artifact to begin with. Characterizations among the secondary characters were inconsistent, and I often found myself questioning how plausible it was for character X to do or say Y, after it had been established in the previous book or chapter that he thought Z.All the gushing about how perfect and good the unborn Reborn was got on my nerves too. "The Reborn will build an eternal empire of love" (luuuuhve!!) is possibly the cheesiest line I came across. Apparently the power of his gentle soul, his unconditional love, and his promise to make the world happy forever instantly turns even skeptics into devoted followers, complete with blathering and weeping. I guess I don't find that perfect or omnipotent characters make for interesting reading.Nevertheless Kait's inner dialog is generally pleasant to read, there were some amusing plot twists, and we saw nice progress in the romantic subplot. Definitely worth trying if you liked Diplomacy of Wolves well enough.
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