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Verfolgt Im Mondlicht (2013)

Verfolgt im Mondlicht (2013)

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About book Verfolgt Im Mondlicht (2013)

When I read this book I was sad to discover that I had missed ordering the last book of the series, ergo unless I did something fast I wouldn't be able to find out how it all ended. Long story short I had to read the 5th book on my computer because the delivery would take too long to wait for. I mean who could wait over a week to know the ending of a book series good enough that you think about it all the time? Not me anyway. So I guess you can guess what I thought of this book? As with the other three books, I loved it. As I keep reading I want to read more and more but at the same time I don't want it to end. Few authors have the ability to capture their readers so well that they think about the book all the time but Ms. Hunter is certainly one of them. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a break from the monotone and wants to go away to the magical place called Shadow Falls to see the wonderful and interesting world and the cute and quirky characters created by Ms. Hunter. I for one forgot I was reading altogether. I became one with the book and let myself be swept away. Why don't you try it too? Well if she takes him back after this, I am going to be highly upset. I mean come on already. He is doing this for the pack is a bunch of BS. I mean man up, Lucas! And Kylie is an idiot. You have someone that truly loves you, doesn't have a problem with what and who you are, but nooo Lucas, Lucas, Lucas. Give me a break! I really don't like how they made Derrick seem so whiny in this one. Change that back please. He is more of a man than Lucas. It is about time Holiday and Burnett! I really want Kylie to get to know her Gramps and Aunt, and learn about what it is to be a chameleon. Great series. I will read Saved by Sunrise next and continue have my hopes high that Kylie will come to her senses and choose Derrick in Chosen. Please don't let me disappointed.

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Loved it very very much. enjoyed all the characters.

Loved it, can't wait to read book 5!

Favorite one of the series!

Team Derek!!!


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