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Verliebt In Die Sterne (2014)

Verliebt in die Sterne (2014)

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Avery Quinn has had an unorthodox upbringing for the offspring of the Marquise of Strand's gamekeeper. Educated far beyond expectations, Avery's sole ambition is to become a member of the Royal Astronomical Society; the only problem being the Society is male only, and Avery is a woman. Enter Giles, the extremely handsome son of the Marquise. Superbly paced, this is a terrific read for the romantic at heart. Ignore the awful cover. Connie Brockway's "No Place For a Dame"  What a trainwreck!  The heroine is supposed to be a brilliant and highly-educated amateur astronomer, and the hero is supposed to be a fabulous English nobleman with a sideline of spying/assassination. Trouble is, one never actually sees the heroine doing any science or even scientific reading - it's all "tell", not "show. The heroine has discovered a comet and wants to present her discovery to the "Royal Astrological Society".  But she can't do that as a female, so she finagles the hero into agreeing to introduce her to the Society in disguise as a young man. I should have figured out that things would go downhill from the point the word "Astrological" came into the story ... Anyway, once the heroine starts her adventures in cross-dressing, the book turns into a farce, sort of like the movie "Dumb and Dumber", but without the humor. I'm not sure which was worse - the heroine's misadventures as a boy or the spying/assassination plot, which made no sense whatsoever.  Don't waste your time with this one. For a far better romance where the heroine is an amateur astronomer in the Regency period, I can recommend Sheila Simonson's "Lady Elizabeth's Comet".

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I got this through amazon prime free release and I liked it.

ending is abrupt. Everything seems to be too "neat."

Not terrible, but not particularly memorable.

This is book #3? fml

cute book easy read

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