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Vexing Voss (2013)

Vexing Voss (2013)
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Vexing Voss (2013)
Vexing Voss (2013)

About book: I loved this story and I hope to read more of this series in the future! I loved the chemistry between Voss and Zoey! I also loved how she stood up for herself! I totally recommend this book!Voss is the Coletti Battle Commander, however it will take all of his battle acumen, patience, and much much more to handle Zoey Jones. Zoey is a Siren - a human with psychic powers - who is to be mated to Voss who choose her as his own. Voss has been tracking Zoey for four years which is in itself a feat. No one before has eluded him for even a day. Zoey is not a female like Voss is used to. She is determined to be independent and to fight her own battles. He wants to fight her battles for her and to keep her safe. She wants revenge on those who killed her mother and who destroyed her world. Zoey is a handful who winds up in trouble a lot. She makes allies with an alien race when she saves their king and one of his children. Their people had thought them dead. Will Zoey, Voss, and their allies be able to beat their enemies? Will they all come out of it alive? Read to find out! Sometimes I wonder if I read the same book as everybody else...I really, really wanted to like this book. Zoey is my kind of heroine -- she's smart, independent, and snarky. And she wants no part of her father's plan to marry her off to Voss, one of the Coletti Warlords. She runs, she hides, she uses her unique powers to throw them off her trail, but ultimately she's bound to Voss, who agrees to help her find the traitors responsible for her mother's death. However, she is also one of those annoying heroines who agrees to do something, and then doesn't do it. Which drives. me. crazy.There's loads and loads of action -- chases, fights, shootings, getting eaten alive by Gorems! There's the cantina scene from Star Wars Episode IV (oops wrong story!). There's betrayals, there's heartache, there's some sex as well, but since a lot of it happens in Zoey's head, I'm not sure it counts. Reading this story is like riding a roller coaster -- lots of thrills and chills, but it goes by so's mostly just a blur.And there's Voss. He's in the story too, right? Since his name is in the title? Yup...he's there. At least a little bit...a very little bit. Zoey spends more time with the baby Gorem and Zarek than she does with Voss...but I guess mind-meld sex is better than no sex at all....So not what I was hoping for!
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I really love this book!!!I love the skunk perfume!!!I need more!!!!
(Yawn) (shrug)
Great fun!
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