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Vibração (2014)

Vibração (2014)

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This is a sequel to Game, and another book that I impulsively snatched from netgalley. While the first one wasn't bad, this one had more issues. But first, the positives!HP was a lot less of a little shit. Still a douche, but slightly better and I even rooted for him a little bit, especially after he got a job at the evil ArgosEye and did some bad-ass things. Not as happy with Rebecca though, because she somehow became even more boring and so much more stupid, not to mention a casually horrible person with no redemptive qualities whatsoever. But I'm talking about the positive things, so let's get back to that..Well. The ending "ha-HA!" moment was pretty cool, and the general buildup of the conspiracy theory insanity was quite compelling. But things quickly turned for the worse when it jumped out of the realm of the believable and into "you gotta be kidding me, you asshole" land. Too many convenient coincidences, too many unexplained plot holes covered up with the pacing, and too many plot strings completely abandoned. I don't know if each one will be picked up in the finale of the trilogy, because I'm not wasting my time on it. Maybe I'll peruse other reviews tagged with a spoiler alert.I guess I couldn't stop myself from diving straight into the bad stuff, but I don't want to dwell on it. Like I mentioned, the pacing is good towards the end, but there was a big slump in the middle and it was uneven throughout. There were some scenes that were uncharacteristically bizarre (Monica's house, anyone? How about the penthouse apartment??) The characters' reactions were wildly inconsistent with the way normal humans act. HP and his sister had a totally cavalier attitude towards her witnessing his naked cavorting and pretty much glossed right over the multiple traumas Rebecca suffered. What. I know the characters aren't a priority with this guy, but maybe try to make them a little interesting?Sigh. This book was like eating stale potato chips. They're bad for you and they don't even taste great, but I ate them anyway because reasons. -I got a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review- To anyone who liked the first book in the series, this should be entertaining. For those who didn't - don't go and read the second book in a series when you didn't like the first, and then complain about how equally disappointed you are. (Although HP seemed to have calmed down a bit in this - he was a little less irritating to me this time, or maybe I just got used to it). It takes the main character HP in a slightly different direction. The Game isn't forgotten, but it is more behind the scenes in this book than in the first. The Game was what I really liked about the first book, and it made it really fresh and intriguing, but despite the lack of it the adventures that HP experiences in this book are still interesting. Rebecca still features of course, probably more prominently, due to a secret tormentor online attempting to humiliate her. So, basically: to me it didn't quite equal the first book, but if you have an interest in technology and are curious about what this guy gets up to next, then it's a fairly satisfactory sequel. It's certainly enough to make me want to finish reading this trilogy.

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another wee twist at the end ...on to book three

Great book, nice unexpected plot.

Em duas palavras: De Arrepiar =)

Loved this more!

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