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Victory Run 3 (2000)

Victory Run 3 (2000)
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Victory Run 3 (2000)
Victory Run 3 (2000)

About book: Devon is the master. He makes you feel like you are right there in the scenes. His descriptive writing is incredible. Kellan and Victory continue rock on stage and off. They compliment each other perfectly. I was so happy to have gotten insight into Victory's past in this book. The story and characters came together with an unexpected twist (I just love those). Book 3 did not disappoint. I can't wait to see what Devon has in store for Victory and Kellan. Things for Victory Payne have changed. She's formed a band with her best friends. She's got a good job that she loves. She's just getting started on her pseudo music career. But someone from her past threatens to change it and ruin her dreams. Kellan Burns has good things going for him. He's got a band together for the L.A. Gunslingers Battle of the Bands. He works with Victory and the Rock & Roll High School. The best part is he just realized his feelings for Victory. After what happened with Giselle, does he admit them to her? I love all the musical references this book has. The story of Kellan Burns and Victory Payne is not your typical romance novel. Sure it has romance but not the instant hook up that most romance novels have. I like how different this book is. Its about two people who have the instant attraction but are afraid to be together because of past experiences. When they finally get over their past and decide they want to be together they commit completely and I love it. Just like the other 2 books this one has the details that I love and it has even more music than the other books. I can totally relate to this story and it seems very realistic.I would highly recommend this book.
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Looking forward to the Victory series!!! I read these in 2 days...couldn't put the book down.
Great series. And yes Devon Hartford keep writing more about Victory and Kellan.
I have to read the next books!!! I can't wait to see where Victory & Kellan go!
This book is amazing!!! I can't wait for more of Victory and Kellan's story!!!
This is the best of the three books.
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