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Vidas Entrelazadas (2011)

Vidas Entrelazadas (2011)

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0373897774 (ISBN13: 9780373897773)
Harlequin Ibérica

About book Vidas Entrelazadas (2011)

I enjoyed this book. Read it in one sitting as I was pulled in. I didn't care for Dominic's judgements of Angelina, especially since it was revealed that he grew up in an area close by. It made him come off as a snob and he was very harsh (especially his thoughts about him not wanting to slum- OUCH). Especially at first when he seemed to kind of relish kicking the woman who clearly from appearance looked like life had put the wringer. Despite all that, he did win me over with his apologies and realizing that he was completely wrong about Angelina. I also didn't understand how he was supposedly so in love with his first wife Carla when she came across as a very shallow and insecure woman (to which doesn't speak very highly of him). I really felt for Angelina- how many bad experiences and how many ways can life kick a person so that they really are down and out?! These two had a very emotional journey. I really did like the contrast between the two women's relationships with Dominic though. Carla was the black cloud while Angelina brought light in his life. This was my first book by Trish Morey and I will look for others by this author. It was a great read, and I found I couldn't put the book down. The author did a great job of taking a topic that was a little far-fetched and making it very real. Angelina Cameron is in a terrible marriage. She decides to go forward with invitro with the hopes that a child will fix their marriage. Unfortunately she finds that she has been impregnated with the wrong embryo and is carrying another man's child. Dominic Pirelli will never get over mourning the loss of his wife. If only they could have had a child together. He is surprised to find that someone other than his wife is carrying his child. From here, all I will say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good story...short and well narreted. I would recommend this for in-flight readers.

I didn't really care for this novel. It all seemed so unemotional and unattached.

Extra 1/4 star.

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