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Vihar Szeli Ketté (2013)

Vihar szeli ketté (2013)

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About book Vihar Szeli Ketté (2013)

Very refreshing to read a book about something new--sylphs! or wind elementals. I really enjoyed this book, especially the humor, and something was always happening to keep me reading onward. I looooove the cover. Also I'm intrigued by the recipe for breakfast "torpedoes," which I'm going to have to try. My husband WANTS one. (Eggs, tater tots, cheese, hot sauce, etc--all wrapped up in a tortilla and grilled.) But I digress. The interplay in this book between Audra and Vane is good, nicely romantic...the forbidden romance kind of relationship. I enjoyed the twist-reveal near the end. There's obviously an opening for the next book in the series in the ending, but the threads are tied up well enough for this book. Great job, Shannon! This book started off as confusing. I didn't really understand what was going on. Throughout the book I started to get less confused, but I still thought it wasn't thought out well. Vane was soo immature. He shouldn't have whined about everything. When Audra told him about not eating and that he was a sylph, he didn't take things as serious as he should have. He didn't take things serious until the end of the book. The ending dealing with Arella was unexpected for me. Audra was okay. She didn't really annoy me as much as Vane did. The romance parts kinda bore me too. It was pretty much expected. So overall it was an okay book not great but not horrible either. It was dull at times, but I got through it. I really doubt I will continue the series.

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interesting story but it moved a little slow for me.

I really enjoyed reading this

Very cute book. Loved Vane!

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