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Viking Heat (2009)

Viking Heat (2009)

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About book Viking Heat (2009)

Psychologist Joy Nelson, has always been the one suffer the taunts of her older brothers, and any time they dare her to do something whatever it may be she does it, even though she is a full grown adult by now. So when they double dare her to become a WEAL-a female version program of the Navy SEALS. But then when she goes on her first mission with a SEAL team, she finds herself taken back through time where she is then auctioned off as a thrall to a Viking Warlord. At first Joy has no idea that she has been taken back through time, but then things start to click and Brandr, the Viking who owns her, starts to make compromise after compromise with the saucy woman, thinking he must be as demented as she is, but is really in love with a thousand year old woman that has stirred up his passions like none other ever has, and has claimed his heart.I would have to say that Viking Heat is by far one of my favorites that has been written by this author so far. I found that I was intrigued by the first page and I found myself finding it hard to put this one down. I found the plot so intriguing and with such a vitality to the characters, and definitely a laugh out loud read! One of the greatest aspects that I love about Sandra Hills Books is the wit that is in each and every one of her plots, especially when it involves time travel, with two characters that are from two times, and they have to learn to adapt to each others differences, and the way they learn to muddle through it is fabulous, and definitely worth reading, especially in Viking Heat. I love Sandra Hill. But it seems lately that her stories seem to repeat themselves and this book is no exception, but it was fun to read. Joy and Brandr are a great couple with great chemistry played out with humor and lots of hot scenes. This is one series that does not have to be read from the beginning as each story stands alone and is easily understood not matter where you start. All I can say is you are in for a real treat with the "vikings".

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I got an autographed copy of this one back in 2009 for making a fan vid for Sandra!

It was okay. Though definitely not the best time travel book that I have read.

Who doesn't like a hot Viking?!

love love loved itt !!

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