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Violet In Private (2008)

Violet in Private (2008)

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0425221822 (ISBN13: 9780425221822)
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About book Violet In Private (2008)

I loved this book. Really, truly loved it, which is so strange because I wasn't that big of a fan of book one (though I did like book two more). This book did a fantastic job of showing Violet's growth (as well as every other character introduced in book one) and introduced some fantastic new characters, and had a steady plot. The ending did not wrap everything up in a nice neat bow, but felt resolved (best kind of ending). I love that none of the characters were perfect and none of the characters were 1000 percent evil (except her agent). Each character was crafted with realism and three dimensional flaws and strengths that worked together to show growth overtime. Some of the most annoying things about the characters introduced two books ago as teens became their best attributes. Really great job on character development all around. One thing that I think made this book such a great read is that the author captured that feeling or reconciling the different aspects of your life once you hit college so well. Violet always struggled with her identity as a model versus her identity with her friends and family in her hometown. College gave her the opportunity to craft an identity that blended the best of both worlds and the lessons she learned there. Surprisingly good read. This book is about Violet getting ready for life.She is finally getting over Paulo and is stuck in a new situation with Roger.Roger has been her best friend and now she is getting more stronger feelings for him.That is not possible because he is dating Chloe who they met through Violet.Violet still does modeling and began doing an internship and the biggest was going to Vassar University.This was one of my favorite books from all three of the series.Since in this book all of the truth is finally learned from Violet.Everyone knew Roger was in love with Violet except her.You will get to find out what happens in the end.

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Former model Violet enters college, makes new friends and still harbors a crush for her BFF.

I like Violet, but she seems to have the same revelation in every book.

An appropriate end (?) to the Violet series. A good vacation read.

another enjoyable book in the Violet series.

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