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Violet Wings (2009)

Violet Wings (2009)

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About book Violet Wings (2009)

Violet wings is a book all about fairies and fantasy. The characters in the book are a little bit weak I find as they never really have a personality or something what instantly makes them unique. The idea of radian reverses is good as it shows how fairies can vary from using magic for silly things but only what needed. All together a bit boring and I wouldn't recommend it but it is a nice read for light reading. I first gave it 4 stars but changed my mind. It had the same page-turning adventure of her other books (although a completely different setting) but what is frustrating about all of her books is the lack of depth of emotions and relationships. She created a fascinating fairy world, and a fantastic mystery to solve so it was definitely fun to read...until the end. The end of the book was completely unresolved and unsatisfying, she just abruptly ends with some major cliffhangers. It is like there should be another book in the series, but there isn't.

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Good book, but sort of un realistic and pradictable.

Wonderful, magical book. A real page-turner.

Amazing book! I hope there is a sequel!

I thought it was creative and fun


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