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Virginia Wolf (2012)

Virginia Wolf (2012)
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Virginia Wolf (2012)
Virginia Wolf (2012)

About book: This is, quite simply a beautiful picture book! Isabelle Arsenault's illustrations are dreamy and beautiful and Kyo Maclear's text is very sweet. The story follows Vanessa and her grumpy sister, Virginia. Virginia is portrayed as a wolf throughout the majority of the story, as she has a serious case of the doldrums. Vanessa goes to great lengths to cheer her up, but nothing works! Finally, Virginia shares what would cheer her up- a trip to her perfect place, Bloomsberry. Vanessa takes it upon herself to paint this perfect place for Virginia, therefore making her sister happy and returning her to her normal life as a little girl. Virginia Wolf by Kyo Maclear and Isabelle Arsenault - Really interesting book. A sister wakes up feeling wolfish and the other sister works the whole day to help pull her out of that wolfy mood. My favorite part of the book is the art expression after the home is upside down... made me wonder if people would connect this with how a family is put in turmoil when there is an alcoholic or drug addict in the home... quite the thought provoking book.
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Enjoyed the story overall but wasn't as touched by it as I was hoping to be. A 3.5* for me.
Some nice art work. Didn't quite come together.
Cute illustrations, but disappointing story.
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