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Virginia Woolf E Il Giardino Bianco (2011)

Virginia Woolf e il giardino bianco (2011)

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8850223099 (ISBN13: 9788850223091)

About book Virginia Woolf E Il Giardino Bianco (2011)

This was a great book. I was enthralled by what the author imagine had happened during the days that stand between Virginia woolf’s drowning on March 28th, 1941,and the discovery of her body on the river Ouse’s banks near her home on April 18, 1941 . Superb imagination!It is an unbelievable story of suspense, unearthed treasures, lifetime guilt, and hunt for the truth, beautiful gardens real or imaginary, and all that is hidden in lives throughout time. Her characters are vivid and so diverse, through their stories, stephanie Barron introduces historical facts, which are a delight to her readers I know I learnt few things here and there and felt compelled to go and search for more as I was quite ignorant and the subject, if only for that fact The author was very successful in her literary endeavor if you ask me. She gives each of her characters a very distinctive voice that to my ears resounded so realistic. I was mesmerized. I really was entertained all along the book she has a keen ability to mix historical characters and purely fictional ones, which gives her story a distinctive atmosphere to her fiction that makes the reader sometime wonder if it is really fiction. Somehow it felt so natural to get into the story and believe all that was narrated. As the great writer that she is, she wraps up the story beautifully with a very satisfying end, reuniting past and present in a hopeful future. But what I think I enjoyed the most is her mastery of the language It was so pleasant to read and she can write in different style, there is poems, Woolf’s narrative or is it Barron’s. And her letters from the apprentice gardener were so enjoyable for they felt so believable. I am no specialist but I had the best of time reading this book.I recommend strongly this book How does one make gagging noises in print? The tip-off, that this was going to be an atrociously painful read, occurred when "... Imogen Cantwell felt a sudden frisson of fear -- as though a serpent, in the form of this mild American woman, had suddenly slithered through Sissinghurst's garden." (page 17).A dime-store romance novel disguised as a "serious" Virginia Woolf/Vita Sackville-West mystery. Alas, poor Virginia! Alas, poor Vita! ... that their illustrious lives should be reduced to this twaddle.

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Somewhat unlikely but tautly written. A christmas gift from my sister who has great taste in books.

Interesting read. Not my favorite but I couldn't not finish it as I wanted to know how it ended.

Can't deal with more books based around a suicide right now.

Loved, loved, loved! This book!

Historical fiction at its best.

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