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Vish Puri E Il Caso Della Domestica Scomparsa (2009)

Vish Puri e il caso della domestica scomparsa (2009)

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8804592494 (ISBN13: 9788804592495)
A. Mondadori

About book Vish Puri E Il Caso Della Domestica Scomparsa (2009)

Being a huge fan of Dectective stories in general and having enjoyed the Inspector Singh series I was keen to try this book. Although this book has all the key ingredients for an enjoyable story, mystery, exotic locations and a cast of quirky characters, I found this book quite hard to get through. I found the writing style rather disjointed and although I did enjoy the comic capers involved in solving the crime it was a book that I could only read in small intervals. I liked the mystery and I liked the glimpses into Indian culture. I'm just a little wary of it's authenticity. A lot of people compare this book to the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, and I think they both suffer from the same flaw. They are both written by white males who are outsiders to the culture, with a white audience in mind. For instance, almost the whole book is written in "broken English", which gives the impression that the characters aren't quite as competent as the reader. I will need to go back and see if this is true even when the characters are speaking to each other in their native Hindi, since that should be fluently translated, not butchered.

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This was a great audiobook! I definitely look forward to reading more in the series.

Fun. Not spectacular, but certainly fun

Totally fun


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