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Vliegensvlugge Vlieg (2010)

Vliegensvlugge Vlieg (2010)

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About book Vliegensvlugge Vlieg (2010)

‘Tiny Little Fly’ is the story of a small fly that lands on an elephant, a hippo and a tiger. They each wink at the fly and say, “I want to catch that fly”. Yet every time they try the tiny fly flies away. They then decide to all catch the fly at once this doesn’t work and they end up in a big pile of mess. This time the fly winks his eye and says “See you all soon. Bye, everyone, bye!” and off he flies. ‘Tiny Little Fly’ with its bold and colourful images is a fantastic book for Reception and KS1. The story develops through simple and fun rhymes for example, nose and toes. It would be a very good resource to introduce the concept of poetry and rhymes to Early Years and KS1. In addition to this, it would be an excellent resource for Nursery to consolidate knowledge of animals and body parts. A credible and reliable book to have in your book corner and to add to your Michael Rosen collection. In this delightful readaloud title, a diminutive fly buzzes by three mighty beasts--the elephant, the hippo, and the tiger--without coming to any harm. Despite their best efforts and amid all sorts of delightful language---"TRAMP! CRUSH! TRAMP!" (unpaginated), "ROLL! SQAUSH! ROLL!" (unpaginated), and "SWOOP! SNATCH! SWOOP!" (unpaginated) and possible mayhem, the fly just keeps on buzzing, slightly out of reach. Young readers will enjoy hearing this one multiple times, and readers won't mind reading it again because of how much fun it is to say the words and enjoy the pencil, gouache and digitally enhanced illustrations that fill its pages. I love the two-page spread that shows the elephant's eye peering at that fly.

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beautiful illustrations and great simple little story.

This is SO CUTE, now I have to do a fly storytime!

Great for talking about animals or rhyming words.

Great rhyming text and superb illustrations!

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