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Vogelherz (2014)

Vogelherz (2014)

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Fischer Sauerländer

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I loved the whimsical, fairy-tale, fable-ish prose. It has that Narnia thing going on, where really dark and difficult themes and ideas are packaged and made palatable to kids through the language (well, some kids- there are scenes in the book that I wouldn't have been comfortable hearing until I was on the far end of the middle grade spectrum). The only qualm I have is that it's a bit TOO Narnia-Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland, to the point where it can feel derivative. The villain here is an evil, pale woman who takes over a fantasy land where the animals talk, while the true ruler is off somewhere doing something else. That evil woman lives in a big castle where she keeps cognizant animals in a cage and then takes a human child and manipulates her into betraying her family. Also known as, the basic plot of Narnia. But it's different enough that I forgave it.Also, there's a good bit of fantasy-style-deus-ex-machina happening. You know- where the main character suddenly realizes something about herself that magically saves the day, even though there's no reason for her to know it except for HEY MAGIC N SHIZ.But! It's a dark-but-lovely fairy tale with an only partially happy ending, and those are sort of my favorite because they're true to life. This story reads like a true Fairy tale.....think of the Grimm variety here. There were some rather horrific scenes that reminded me of the classic Grimm tales that I grew up on. I think the reading level of this one might challenge a lot of 9 and 10 year olds so it is a great choice for avid readers. I think it would also be a suitable novel study book as the imagery is stunning and there were some powerful messages about family values.

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es war ne gute Idee, außergewöhnlich und jaaaaa mehr in der Rezension xD

Beautifully written and refreshingly different.

4.5 stars

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