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Voor De Nacht Valt (2005)

Voor de nacht valt (2005)

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If the purpose of a prequel novella to a series is to get readers curious about what's to come in a series then Legacy of the Witch works well. Readers were given enough of a tease that you couldn't help but be curious about what happens next. Through flashbacks to the past and present time drama, Legacy of the Witch leaves readers with a sense that there is a lot more in store for not only the main characters featured but those who were left in the past. I received Legacy of the Witch as a free download from Amazon on September 5, 2012. Legacy of the Witch was a prequel short to Maggie Shayne's new portal series, and I liked it better than Mark of the Witch (the first book. Though I suspect that I might have liked Mark of the Witch better if I'd read this prequel first, because the prequel makes it pretty clear who the bad guy is and the first book keeps you guessing (which made it hard to root for the heroine or the hero either)

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so amazing so romantic loved the whole I need to read more Maggie Shayne

too short. interesting enough that I may read the series.

I loved this little prequel

Zero stars

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