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Vreštiace Schodisko (2014)

Vreštiace schodisko (2014)

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8055611033 (ISBN13: 9788055611037)
Vydavateľstvo SLOVART

About book Vreštiace Schodisko (2014)

Lockwood and a small agency that stops ghosts from terrorizing the city of London. It consists of Anthony Lockwood, Lucy Carlyle, and George (last name unknown).The agency has never had a big case or much publicity.The whole city of London is in trouble. They are dealing with something called the Problem, the matter of ghosts, called visitors, appearing and terrorizing civilians, sometimes even killing them.There are many different Types of Visitors, some stronger than others. The basic Types are a Type One and a Type Two . Type Ones are the weakest, most common and least dangerous type of ghost. Type Ones are scarcely aware of their surroundings and are often locked in a single repetitious pattern. Type Twos are the most dangerous commonly occurring type of ghost. Type Twos are stronger than Type Ones and often posses some kind of intelligence. They are aware of the living and may attempt to harm or kill them. To secure a ghost, you must find and eliminate the Source. The Source is the object or place through which the ghost enters the physical world. The source of the haunting is often the remains or an object involved in the death of the person. To secure the remains, you must seal it with silver or iron to keep the visitor at bay. The setting of this book is modern day London…. If it was over run with unhappy Visitors of the past.Lockwood & Co.’s base of operations is 35 Portland Row, London W1.A very important place in this book Combe Carey Hall. It is known to be the most haunted place in England. I loved this book. Great storyline, action, and characters. I couldn’t help but add Anthony Lockwood to my very long list of fictional crushes. I enjoy a good supernatural,steampunk-ish book and if you’re looking for one you should read this. I also read The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud and also absolutely loved it.That is where I first started to read his books. I also recomend this series. Fifty years ago something happened in Britain and ghosts became as common as tea in the country. The main weapon in the battle against the Visitors are children. Due to their sensitivity to the paranormal, the agencies that deal with ghosts are mostly staffed by the under 16s. Lucy joins Lockwood & Co and they soon become involved with an old murder and the most haunted stately home in England. This was great and I really enjoyed the storyline and getting to know the characters.

Do You like book Vreštiace Schodisko (2014)?

This was a fun, spooky read. Perfect for the month of Halloween!

Quite a fun story. Looking forward to The Whispering Skull.

I love the supernatural twist on modern London.

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