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Værverk (2009)

Værverk (2009)

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Jippi Forlag

About book Værverk (2009)

This is my first introduction to Frank's world, although I understand now, there were years of shorts setting the stage before this full-length wordless graphic novel. A picaresque read the first time through, it takes on more meaning each time I go through it. An Everyman story, I suppose, although it's hard to find the ultimate redemption. Visually hallucinogenic, the pages suggest an artist who has conquered the fear of creativity and original beauty. Jim Woodring has long tantalized us with trippy, Disney-meets-Lovecraft comics about cartoony characters in horrorshow worlds. Among the most bizarre of his strange managerie is Manhog, a malevolent incompetent who steals and lies and menaces the other denizens of Frank's world. Weathercraft lets Manhog take center stage as he goes through a transformation from shiftless ne'er-do-well to thoughtful, be-robed philosopher. Alas, I had a much harder time following the narrative of this story than I usually do with Woodring's tales. So if you haven't read any Woodring, I probably would start with Frank, but this is another example of the strange, marvelous world you encounter in these books. Worth a read, even if it's leave you scratching your head.

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Jim Woodring is a genius. It's weird to see Frank drunk.

need to read it again, after it sits for a while.

Get me a Frank poster.

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