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Vsi Moji Bivši (2012)

Vsi moji bivši (2012)
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Vsi Moji Bivši (2012)
Vsi Moji Bivši (2012)

About book: At first I wasn't to keen on the book, it wasn't until half way through I started to enjoy the story. I think it could if been written better at the start, as it lacked action and you were easily bored but it picked up when she went of to Scotland to meet up with her first ex! By the time she'd gone of the find Adam you wanted to scream at her that she was pushing Matt away. I'm glad you on her journey to Wales, to find her last ex she finds herself and manages to leave her past alone. My opinion of Posy changed through the book at the start I thought she was abit of a bitch but as you read the last few chapters you feel sorry for- she had a tough upbringing with a mother from hell who dined her the chance of seeing her father and an over opinionated sister. I am pleased that by the closing chapters she can see passed mothers life experiences and gets her happy end before it's too late. I have to add that I loved what crazy cat lady Margie did to Sukie- wasn't expecting it Posy has just become engaged to the handsome fitness trainer Matt, but while happy, starts to have doubts about her future and wonders if the grass would have been greener if she were still with any of her 3 ex boyfriends. She sets off to find out, and we are treated to some heartwarming, funny and enjoyable scenarios along the way.I found Jenny Colgan's style of writing very conversational and easy to read, the whole book just flowed, making it really enjoyable. Another author to add to my 'Must read more of' shelf!
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OH! First I read it , It wasn't so clear but I kept reading it.. and it was marvelous!
This one does not tell a hell of a story but it makes you feel warm in your heart.
A nice easy sunbed read
Another good story :-)
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