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Vurt (1993)

Vurt (1993)

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0230768806 (ISBN13: 9780230768802)

About book Vurt (1993)

This is not a book for everyone. There is an incestuous relationship in this book, drug use, violence, familial abuse, and what may or may not be bestiality, depending on how you view hybrid dog-humans with fully sentient minds. However, if you can handle these elements, as well as a slightly manic, gonzo storytelling style, I recommend giving it a try.The most common thing I hear from other people who have enjoyed this book is that it's reminiscent of Neuromancer or Clockwork Orange. Having read only the latter, I have to say I only see a little resemblance and that's mostly in the way the story is told from a swiftly-moving first person viewpoint.What I like about it is how the main character grabs me. When I started to read this book, I was immediately pulled in by Scribble's descriptions of the scene, how vividly it came to life in his voice.The story itself is fast-paced, centering on Scribble and his quest to retrieve his sister from the Vurt world. He's accompanied by a 'gang' that has named themselves the Stash Riders, all of them more than a little interested in the drug/doorway called Vurt. Whether they're addicts or not is up for debate, but Vurt is certainly their chosen entertainment. Some use it just for relaxation, others for fun, but Scribble is the one with the mission.Noon's worldbuilding is intriguing. Vurt is never fully explained, and the mystery is what I love. If you want complete explanations, you won't find them here, but I enjoy the ambiguity and I want to know more. So I keep rereading the book. I find more and more to appreciate every time. This book is a literary masterpiece; if your mind is ready for it. It's a cross between A Clockwork Orange and Neuromancer, and crosses the realm between virtual and real so completely that you forget which one matters. Not only is this a thought-provoking piece of speculative fiction, but an impressive piece of storytelling. There are outrageous characters that you'll actually care about, albeit flawed, and a bizarre feeling you should never open that door, while seriously wanting to step right through. Brilliant.

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Fun recycling of the Orpheus myth in a near-future setting. Perfect gift for an edgy, teenaged stoner.

Vibrant and imaginative, but very dated now, and too far from 'hard' sci-fi for my liking.

As brilliant and absorbing the second time round as it was 10 years ago.

A brilliant and vivid trip, hard to put down.

too Manchester...... made me feel a bit sick

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