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Wait: The Art And Science Of Delay (2012)

Wait: The Art and Science of Delay (2012)
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Wait: The Art And Science Of Delay (2...
Wait: The Art And Science Of Delay (2012)

About book: Wait is a phrase that you will often hear a parent use when dealing with a small child. I know I have used is often enough myself. In these days of faster communications, instant messages, 24 hour email and the pressure to make instantaneous choices, Partnoy wants us to think slower, to take time to consider those choices and to make the correct decision at the right time.He describes sports men who have the ability to stretch time and make a better choice of shot, of city traders who have chanced on the optimum time for trades and the art of subliminal advertising. He looks at decisions that have been made wrong in football, the correct length of time to wait until you apologise and the art of procrastination. This book ties in with other books that I have read and like, such as Thinking Fast and Slow, and The Decisive Moment. He is a great advocate of taking time to make the right decision, and having made that decision sticking with it, and not changing your mind,something that Warren Buffett has proven over years. He also looks how taking a little more time, in conduction with checklists, has meant that surgery has become less risky for patients and how people doing the same tasks feel more pressure when the hourly rate is higher.If you feel that time today is too precious to waste, then I would recommend reading this. Take note of the suggestions and just wait a little. We recently read this for my work book club. It seemed like the author just slung together a bunch of blog entries on loosely related topics and tried to pitch it as a book. It was disjointed with some of the chapters a complete stretch to fit the author's theme. Perhaps the real issue was the author's lack of a cohesive theme. Not nearly as good as many of the other books that have become popular in this genre.
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Unnecessarily boring, and a lot of material recycled from other books of this type. Pass.
Very cool book for better understanding the timing of how and why we make decisions.
There were incredible "aha!" moments, but I really wished for more from this book
Posting an interview with the author tomorrow. Worthwhile read.
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