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Waking Up Pregnant (2014)

Waking Up Pregnant (2014)

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0373207522 (ISBN13: 9780373207527)
Harlequin KISS

About book Waking Up Pregnant (2014)

It is a story of a one night stand with consequences. I like Jeff and Darcy in this story. Jeff is a responsible guy and he wanted to take care of Darcy even though she doesn’t want him to. I like the fact that he cooked up some ideas just so she would stay with his mum. I also like reading about the relationship between Darcy and his mum. However, I don’t think that the love triangle that the author tries to insert succeeded in creating a conflict between Jeff and Darcy and creating a conflict such as this onto a passionate guy like Jeff doesn’t give justice to his character. While the ending of the story is somewhat predictable, it is nevertheless a story that has perfect combination of romance, sexy scenes and love in it. Read an electronic copy free from NetGalley.Well, we know that since this is a Harlequin romance that the main characters are going to end up together. But Mira Kelly has a way of making this seem fresh and new. I really liked Jeff and Darcy, the main characters. I like the way that they try to work things out between them for the good of the child, while neither of them wanted to get married.

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The book was entertaining and it had potential, but it was just too easy and too predictable.

Starts out a little slow, but glad I kept with it. Really enjoyed this book!

This was a wonderful, Saturday morning read. Sweet, funny and endearing.

I really can't stand Darcy. Period.

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