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Walker Of Time (1993)

Walker of Time (1993)
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Walker Of Time (1993)
Walker Of Time (1993)

About book: In Northern Arizona, in a hopi reservation, there is a young man named Walker. Walker's uncle was very ill and died. Before hand, his uncle gave him a backpack and told him to go to Walnut canyon. Walnut canyon in a old ancient settlement where the indian just disappeared. In the canyon he must go in a cave and return the contents of the backpack. To his suprise a tall white young man named Tag came in the cave just as a briliant white lightning bolt zapped a tree by the cave and transported them back in time 2,000 years. They must live the lives of the indians long ago and overcome many obsticals...I rated this book okay because it wasn't my style. I felt like it was accurate and informative it was just a bit boring. I don't think it was bad it just was completely different from what I usually don't read historical fiction. The begining was not super interesting but the ending was great. I finished it in Mrs. Hileman's class and it was pretty hard not to jump out of my seat. I am really curious of what will happen next!

Walker Of Time is avery interesting book. In the begginning of the book it's descrbing how Walkers life was when Naat, his uncle and only guardian, was alive. Right in the begginning Naat dies so most of the story is about Walkers adventures. His adventures begin when he finds the cave that Naat sent him to after his death. When he puts the stick that he brought on a statue lightning strikes and a kid named Tag and him are zapped back in time. While back in time they have to deal with the ancient people there calling them witches. In my opinion I didn't like the book. The main reason I didn't like it is because of the ending. But another reason is because there is not a lot of action. Most of the book is very calm. However I did like how it says what Walker is thinking. That was very helpful when evaluating what the book is supposed to be about.
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Irene McHugh
When I was in middle school, I visited Mesa Verde National Park. I was captivated by the dwellings left there and the mystery of what happened to the Pueblo people. This book capitalizes on this wonder and more. You can tell that the author researched the different theories on what happened to these ancestral people, so you get a nice historical-fiction angle. The time travel component adds a nice sci-fiction twist for the two boys to have quite an adventure. I remember reading this book quickly and wishing I had the time to see Mesa Verde again.
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