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Walking Dead, #13: Point De Non-retour (2000)

Walking Dead, #13: Point de non-retour (2000)

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About book Walking Dead, #13: Point De Non-retour (2000)

It's amazing the shit these people have to contend with, even when holed up in what appears to be a safe place. Volumes like this drive home the notion that no matter how much normalcy the survivors manage to eke out, there will forever be conflicts and drama. Kirkman also furthers his psychological examination, showing how much some folks are changed by their experiences. Can the survivors of this world, the ones who have fought tooth and nail every minute to keep their lives, really settle down into a quiet life? There's some repetition of themes as the group tries to find their place in the new community and build more stable lives, but the cycle that's developing drives home the impermanence of life in a way little else can. The only constant in Kirkman's world is we're forever waiting for the other shoe to drop. This installment of the series was just 'meh' to me. Those transitionary stories always go that way and it's especially noticeable when there are a whole lot of mini stories that tell the whole thing. This particular one makes me wish I was reading the compendium so I can just barrel onto the next one and pretend this one is just an introduction to the good stuff. Interesting - yes. But too much sitting around tension before anything happens and when it did, it wasn't much to get fussed about..... but the hint at what is coming..... sh*t, I don't want to miss that issue!

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Still building up to something...On to the next one!

a bit on the slow side. Other human beings are dicks

Can't wait to read the next one!

This series is brilliant!

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