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Wanderlove (2012)

Wanderlove (2012)

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0385739370 (ISBN13: 9780385739375)
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About book Wanderlove (2012)

I really felt like I was with Bria, Rowan and Starling on their backpacking adventure in Central America. It really made me want to jump on the next flight over there and experience it myself. The big 5 our of 5 stars ★★★★★Eighteen year old Bria Sandoval makes the daring decision to embark on an overseas journey to Central America alone after her two good friends bail on their plans. Bria thinks this will be the adventure to discover herself and set her old life in California from who she wants to become. Until she realises she signed up for a strict itinerary tour group full of middle aged people.What started off as simply a glance with a mysterious guy with a ponytail at the airport transformed into chance encounters and finally an interesting relationship. Rowan is a devoted backpacker and assistant dive instructor. Both Rowan and his sister Starling are both admirable characters for Bria as she set out on this journey to become someone different and this duo is exactly the kind of people she wants to be equal with.As this newly formed trio travel Belizean islands and discover Mayan villages they realise they all have hidden pasts and secrets they don't want to share. Will their time travelling bring these three together or break them apart?Kirsten Hubbard's writing style is so amazing. The cinema-style of writing really immerses you into the settings and you can relate and connect to all the characters in a realistic way. Hubbard can say so much without even writing anything. The saying "actions speak louder than words" is so true when it comes to the way she portrays the characters whose minds we cannot read. For example Rowan's thoughts on Bria could be clearly known when he does the simplest of actions towards her. This writing is amazing as there's no need for Bria and Rowan to talk/fight about what he was thinking, in the cliche 'telling her how he really feels towards her at a later date' dialogue.The structure of this novel is also a great aspect. It's set into various parts depending on Bria's location and timing of her trip. Then each chapter is a different day or different time of the same day. I think the way Hubbard styled this was really interesting and a great way to connect the reader to Bria in a whole other way as you're actually following her day to day and can keep track of how long she has left of her trip. Flashbacks are also used which give a nice touch of background information on who Bria is and why she does the things she does. There are also little surprises throughout the novel but I think they're really special so I'll leave you to discover them yourself.Each of the characters are so individual. Bria draws and so does her ex-boyfriend Toby but they're completely different people and that's really evident almost as soon as you see the two together but it grows stronger as you learn more about Bria. Rowan and Starling although siblings they look nothing alike and really only share a passion for travel but they're family so their bond is strong. Bria's two friends Olivia and Reese only share Bria in common. I guess opposites attract as long as you both share something.Small elements of this book really make it something special and I know I'll cherish this book forever. As I was reading it I realised this is one of those books that need to show the love you have for it on its spine, and on its pages. Bria merupakan seorang remaja berusia 18 tahun yang teleh lulus dari sekolahnnya.Saat semua keadaan kacau, mulai dari tidak adanya perhatian orangtua, pacar yang iri dan merusak cita-citanya, hingga temannya yang membatalkan janji untuk berpergian bersama, membuat Bria nekat untuk mengikuti tur Petualang Global. Yang sayangnya berisi sekumpulan orangtua.Saat merasa bosan akhirnya Bria pun mengikuti saran dari Stargirl, salah satu gadis yang ditemuinya dalam perjalanan untuk pergi betualang backpacker dengannya dan sang adik, Rowan.Saya beruntung mendapatkan novel ini gratis dari Bu Nanny dari BBI GA Hop 2014 kemarin :D Saya sangat menikmati perjalanan Bria melintasi Amerika Tengah. Apalagi, di beberapa halaman terdapat sketsa dari Bria yang diilustrasikan oleh sang penulis sendiri, Kirsten Hubbard.Terjemahannya bagus, hanya terdapat beberapa kelebihan tanda petik maupun tulisan yang kadang membuat tidak nyaman.Overall, 4 bintang buat Bria dan jurnalnya :D

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i don't have words to decribe this book, I found it's one those ones the just leaves you with this little undescrebible something after you've read it

I really liked this book! It was really sweet and enjoyable and a perfect summer read as well :)

It's a good story! there's nothing i can say. Good. Just that.

Young adult, travel story.


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