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War And Peas (1997)

War and Peas (1997)
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0380787067 (ISBN13: 9780380787067)
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War And Peas (1997)
War And Peas (1997)

About book: Anyone who has read a book by Jill Churchill will recognize that she is a very talented author who provides mystery with a wonderful sense of humor.This book is exactly that, a mystery filled with terrific humor.As the story opens, Jane and Shelley are in the hot sun, crossing a field during a Civil War re-enactment. The conditions for both women are very uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as it is for the woman who is dead. This re-enactment is part of the celebration sponsored by the Snellen museum. The Snellen museum is dedicated to peas, farming and local lore.The dead woman was the director of the Snellen museum. And the suspect list is filled with people connected to the museum. Although Regina Parker was generally well liked, it is apparent that there may have been people who were not so fond of her.The story is well plotted and things move along in an interesting manner. Each new event gives the reader more information about the people and events of the story. Ms Churchill has provided humor along with the plot. There are situations which provide the reader with laugh out loud moments.Jane and Shelley are terrific women. They are smart women who devote time to good causes and that is what has brought them to the museum. While at the museum helping catalog items, they also spend time doing some detecting. Both of them want to find out who would murder a good woman like Regina Parker.The secondary characters are fun and interesting people who add depth the story. Since each of them is a possible suspect, their personalities and actions add interest for the reader.I must admit there were parts of the solution I had figured out before I got to the end.This is another fun book by Jill Churchill and as always, I had a terrific time.
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