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Warning Signs (2003)

Warning Signs (2003)
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Warning Signs (2003)
Warning Signs (2003)

About book: Okay this one follows The Program, and Alan has a six month old baby. Just in case you want to do a better job than I did of working out what order to read them in!This one has us pulled in by an unlikeable patient who we can still identify with—is her son planning the next Columbine or equivalent? Because the kid’s beef is with lawyers, Lauren may be a target, and Gregory’s usual infallible sense of judgement goes a bit haywire (put in down to male postnatal depression or at least postnatal protectiveness). Sam’s partner Lucy is under suspicion for another murder and a mother in this one is a rival for fiction’s all time worst (in my vote it’s Cathy in east of Eden, but this one is up there in the same ball park). Lots of action and a high body count, and there isn’t a dull moment.

At the start of this book i didn't really know what to expect but then I started reading and it got really interesting the book started out with a murder. Later on in the book The district attorney was murdered, in his own home. Someone used some type of weird weapon to smash his skull in. His partner Sam Purdy wanted the best lawyer to defend him on this case. Now that the team is all on board with his case then Lucy gets arrested! This blows the whole plan, now what are they going to do? The suspect get's kidnapped by and angry young man, wanting to get his message across to everyone. If his message d doesn't get across then some very violent crimes will happen. This book warning signs is a very big thrilling book. Each chapter you finish you want to read the next one.
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This started out being one of the best Stephen White books--interesting plot, character connections, suspense, twists. Plus the usual zippy, inside-Alan's-head writing.About 85% of the way through the book, White succumbs to Detective Writer Syndrome, however. Events go way over the top, in terms of believability. And then--and this is uncharacteristic for Stephen White--plot threads get dropped (or killed off). Red herrings (a car in the shop) aren't resolved. And the end of the last chapter is just brutal. The book just stops. It's as if the contracted number of pages was written, or the publishing deadline had to be met.A good read, they all are. But disappointing, at the very end--not the way the story turned out, but the writing and plotting.
Laurel Schilling
I am a big fan of Stephen White and usually find his books hard to put down. Although very well written (as usual), this book did drag a bit, only because the in-depth psychological analysis of Lucy is somewhat confusing and deep. The beginning of the book is gripping as Alan works with a new patient, Naomi, a fascinating character, but slows down towards the middle. Sam is rather a minor character in the story, and the book might have been more interesting if he had a greater role. The quality of writing is superb, so I still give the book four stars.
This is the best book I've read all year. I was captured totally by page 2 and hated to see it end. It's my first Stephen White and what a thrill to discover how many other books he's already published. I can't wait to read them all. In Warning Signs, the Boulder, CO District Attorney is found brutally murdered. Clinical psychologist, Alan Gregory is drawn in on many fronts - his wife is on leave from the DA's office and his best friend's police partner is picked up as a suspect. This is a great story - good plot, interesting characters and just a joy to read.
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