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Was Danach Geschah (2012)

Was danach geschah (2012)

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Not what I was expecting. Attorney Brek Cuttler dies and goes to "Wherever" to act as a lawyer for the dead and try those who are ready for justice. But this isn't what you think, it is a very high-brow literary novel about how our choices affect those around us. Brek can't remember how she died and that has to be resolved but the people she meets had an effect on her life. It was very hard to read because the point of view kept changing to peole she was representing as they download their memories into her head and she ha to relive them in order to properly represent the person in front of te "Judge." I didn't love it but it did make me think. The Trial of Fallen Angels by James Kimmel, Jr. is about a woman who goes to the afterlife but doesn't remember how she got there. She meets people who connect her to her past, then she is told that she has to defend lost souls in the final judgment courtroom. Then her trial comes up and she remembers! I enjoyed this book because it was something different with a couple of good twists. This was a pleasant surprise, a good read that I just found while browsing at the library.(Gerard's review)

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The end confused me but enough of the book was good that I gave it four stars...

A very wise, moving, and very spiritual novel. Highly recommended.

So good!! It really makes you think about forgiveness. Wow.

This is a new favorite.

interesting perspective.

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