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Water Walker (2000)

Water Walker (2000)

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This was a very strange book but very readable...the edge of the seat type of book that I read in just a couple of days. I didn't get much else done this morning as I NEEDED to find out what happened. I've heard a lot about Ted Dekker but haven't read much of his work. He is a Christian writer but this book, while Christian, isn't your typical Christian fiction. A girl in a foster home is kidnapped by her biological mother who takes her to a cult-like community. It's full of "other-world" type of experiences and as I said, it is NOT your typical Christian fiction. This is definitely a book a non-Christian would find fascinating. Just finished all four and had to revisit and change my review. This is fantastic!! I was skeptical at first, not really loving Eyes Wide Open all that much, and fearful that this second serial novel from the same Outlaw series would be similar. But this is straight up good fiction. This reminds me of the Dekker who wrote Martyr's Song mixed in with a little bit of the Dekker who wrote Showdown. This is a must read for any Dekker fan. And if you are like me and you haven't liked the endings to his books in the last few years, this one redeems your lost time. I can't get over how good it is. Some might say it is too preachy at the end. But the truth is it can't be "TOO" preachy unless it compromises or sacrifices the story. This may be preachy at the end but the STORY STANDS STRONG! You are always wondering how Alice/Eden is going to get out her situation. You are always wondering what horrible thing is going to happen to her next. The conclusion of the book is just as satisfying as the body. Character arcs are completed as the characters reach their evolved state. Mysteries are answered. Justice is served. The story stands strong.And besides, concerning the preachiness, the preachiness this time around is welcome because it is actually a FANTASTIC sermon! It addresses issues of the heart in ways I've never heard them addressed. Anyone, from any background could appreciate his philosophical stance. So, READ THIS CRAP! You won't regret it!

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So far part 1 was good. we'll though, his books have been more weird than normal lately.

It's a Dekker. Nuff said.

Can't wait for episode 2

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