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Water Walker - Episode 1 (2014)

Water Walker - Episode 1 (2014)

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About book Water Walker - Episode 1 (2014)

Same intrigue I've come to expect from a Dekker book. This ties back to everything else...another reason I love Ted's books...because of all the intertwining that goes on...this man must have a speadsheet 3 miles long! Can't wait to see what makes Alice/Eden so special...wink wink...I think I already know. ...and by any other're still Black! If you like know why...and you know you'll like these too! I mean, it's the circle, how can you not continue? At times I wondered if I was reading the script for a new TV series. Criminal Minds came to mind a number of times.Dekker has done a great job setting up the novel with this first episode. We have the innocent victim who has a history that she cannot remember, a man and wife (or are they?) bad guys and an FBI agent who is grappling with her own traumatic past.It's fast, furious and powerfully evocative. His use of sharp short descriptions invade your mind giving you just enough information to visualise the scene.Having read Eyes Wide Open via this episode approach, I happily launched into Water Walker and can't wait for Episode 2.

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Not like anything I have read before. Not sure I liked this book although I did read it til the end.

I read this in one day. It's so good. I'm hooked, and can't wait for the rest!

I'm a big fan of Ted Dekker and this book was another good one.

As always, Dekker is thought provoking and masterful.

I didn't realize this was only part of a book :(

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