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Wave (2013)

Wave (2013)

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About book Wave (2013)

I unfortunately agree with many of those that didn't enjoy reading about this woman's suffering. It broke my heart to hear of her story, and her loss. However, I felt frustrated with the tone of the story, endlessly painful. I'm one that believes strongly in hope, and moving forward. So this book was a bit of a struggle for me to read. I was hoping to hear more of the event itself, rather than only of the authors struggles. It was beautifully written, there's no denying that.. But it left me feeling very "down". I was actually afraid to read this book. I had read reviews and heard radio interviews and every time I would get a lump in my throat and felt tears come on.The writing is beautiful and poetic. Her descriptions of the actual tragedy and her initial reactions were very raw and intense. However, and I know I may sound heartless or callous or whatever, I just could not connect with her very much. I agree with some other reviewers who say that she sometimes comes across as privileged and a bit self-centered. Some of her stories about her past life are a bit repetitive and boring and you do get the sense she really did live a life that was “like a dream” before tragedy struck. I was struck that before I read the book I would tear up and feel devastated but I am almost embarrassed to say this didn’t happen as I actually read it. I don’t think that by feeling this way I am minimizing any way her pain or suffering. Maybe it is just me and others will feel a connection I just did not.I would like to conclude by saying that it took a lot of courage and strength to write this book, and I greatly admire the author for that. It is impossible to imagine how I would react in such a situation and I am glad to have read one of the thousands stories about coping with such a tragedy. So for these reasons I will give it three stars.

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Devastating. Beautiful but challenging to open each night. Going to take a break, I think.

Gut-wrenching but beautiful in her love for her family and eventually herself again.

If this doesn't rip your heart out, I despair for you.

Devastating. Beautiful. Could not stop reading it.

Haunting read.

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