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Wayward, #2 (2013)

wayward, #2 (2013)

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Thomas & Mercer

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There are so many reviews out there, so I’ll keep this one short.This was a much faster read vs. ‘Pines,’ and the action and pace made this one hard to put down. I read this one at night and over the weekend; tablet and phone when I had spare moments. For context, I usually read one on tablet or physical copy at night and another on my phone.The characters are much more robust than the trilogy launch and there are major issues going on in the sleepy town. Typically, the second book of a trilogy tends to lag as it fleshes out character development. Not this one. It is constantly on the go and leaves you wanting to dive into ‘The Last Town,” which is Crouch’s conclusion of the set.Read November 2014 Excellent second book in the series. While I liked the first book, the last 1/4 seemed to go on forever. This book flowed well, was fast paced and ended when it needed to end. Now I can't wait to read the final book in this trilogy to see how it all truly ends. I still have a problem with the real reason everyone is in this town. Maybe something shocking will happen in the next book saying that was all a lie too!

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Again science fiction more than mystery. Author has a vivid imagination. Worth reading.

Way better than the first book. Looking forward to the next :)

The is an amazing series!!! I can't stop reading.

Edge of my seat throughout!

The end! Ah!

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