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Wayward Pines Osa III (2014)

Wayward Pines Osa III (2014)

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Helios Kirjastus

About book Wayward Pines Osa III (2014)

Another wild ride with Blake. I read this around Christmas & was not put off by the desperate nature of the book. Rather, I was gripped by how in the world could this turn out right. (On many different levels!) I wasn't disappointed either. The author has the ability to shock & surprise. Especially when I think I know where this is headed, he turns me on my head. Thanks for the fun. Left me wishing this wasn't a trilogy. I really love this trilogy. I finished reading all three books within three days. I especially love the way Blake Crouch successfully stitched everything together in a neat interconnected web of experiences that actually made the story a whole lot more interesting and intriguing. The trilogy feels like reading a zombie apocalypse story--minus the zombies. It's sci-if, thriller, and drama rolled into one.I am really interested on seeing a real epilogue of the last book. It feels like Blake Crouch ended the trilogy in a bad way. I mean, Crouch should publish a novella so we know with certainty if the ending (for the characters) is a a good or a bad one. This is the reason why I rated the last book as four stars rather than five.

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Great series! An original plot and satisfying character development makes this a fast read.

Great to read a book and not know what direction it will go. Looking forward to TV series!

I loved the last book in the series. Great ending and very exciting throughout.

Not as good as the first 2 instalments but has to be read to finish the series.

Five word review: Fitting end for exciting trilogy

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