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Wednesday's Child (2010)

Wednesday's Child (2010)

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This is the sixth novel in the series. Brenda Scupham is an unmarried mother who lives in a humble estate home with her seven year old daughter Gemma and her boyfriend Les Poole. Les has been in and out of prison, spends most of his time at the pub or with his bookie and has never had a job. He has never had strong feelings for Gemma, but tolerates her presence. When two very polite, well dressed social workers arrive at the door claiming to be investigating reports of child abuse, Brenda allows them to take her daughter for further examination and testing overnight. They say they will return with her the next morning. It is only when they fail to arrive back by the next afternoon that Brenda thinks something may be wrong and calls the police. Superintendent Gristhorpe is very much more involved in this case. His usual pattern is to get a good handle on the investigation as it begins and then leave his officers to do their work. But he has a personal interest in this case and is anxious to see its conclusion. About the same time, Banks heads up an investigation into a grisly murder at the site of an abandoned mine. Two serious crimes are unusual in a small place the size of Swainsdale. Gradually it appears that the two cases have common threads and may be related. There are signs of several impending changes at the office. Hatchley, assigned to a new outpost on the coast may be returning to Eastvale. Gristhorpe has a strong dislike for him, but Banks, after working closely with him, realizes that Hatchley's dirty tricks don’t compromise procedure and still get results. He is neither as thick or as thuggish as Banks first thought, so he is not as concerned about his possible return. Computerization has now crept into the regional office. Richmond is the only one who has had the training on the new HOLMES relational database, but it does take time and it also points to a new skill those looking for promotion will need. There is some hint Richmond may be headed for a transfer to the Yard. And Gristhorpe himself is closing in on sixty and may be near retirement. Would that clear the way for Banks to be promoted? Meanwhile back at home domestic life continues to deteriorate for Banks. Sandra is seldom home and becoming almost a stranger to him. Is she getting bored with Banks? Brian, now eighteen has left for Portsmouth Polytechnic and is ready to be independent and start his own life. Although Banks and Brian often locked horns in the past, Banks misses him. Especially now that Tracy is so grown up that he hardly recognizes her. And all their conversations about history are a thing of the past. They hardly talk at all anymore.There are two further interesting details Robinson reveals: an explanation about what Bank’s refers to as Gristhorpe’s “tone deafness” and a piece of information about the scar by Banks’ right eye. Robinson remains consistent and still delivers with each addition to the series.

A man and a woman pretending to be social workers take a 7 year old girl from her mother, claiming that it is because of claims of abuse. The mother is a dim young woman who is impressed by their manner and doesn't think to question them for more than a day. When she finally reports it to the police, it is clear that the girl has been kidnapped, but by whom, and for what reason - certainly not for ransom. While the police are looking for the girl, they come across the body of a young murdered man in an abandoned lead mine. Banks takes the murder, and Gristhorpe take the lead is the kidnap investigation.I enjoyed seeing Gristhorpe as an active investigator for a change. Banks is a bit preoccupied - busy wife and empty nest syndrome. Sandra is increasingly busy with her job at the art gallery, Brian is off at college, and Tracy has a boyfriend. So on the rare occasions that Banks can come home for a bit of domesticity, there is frequently nobody there to share it with.

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Wednesday’s Child, by Peter Robinson, A-minus, narrated by James Langton, produced by Tantor Media, downloaded from is called to the home of a woman whose 7-year-old daughter was seemingly kidnapped. A young attractive male and female couple came to the home and informed the mother that her daughter needed to be taken for some tests. They alleged that they were social workers from the government. The mother let them take the child, but when the child was not returned by the next day, she called the police. Banks and the superintendent both remembered the couple in the ‘70’s who captured and tortured and murdered victims and were afraid something like this was starting again, especially as time went by and they couldn’t find the little girl, Gemma, and when her clothes turned up on the moors. And then another grisly murder occurred, at first seeming not to be connected to the little girl’s disappearance, but Banks began to find characters involved with people from both crimes and started looking for connections. This was a very good read, the sixth in the series.
—Kathleen Hagen

Seven year old Gemma's incredibly stupid and slatternly mother gives her child to two people who say they are from child protective services and are investigating "abuse" allegations. They promise to return her the next morning. However, she is "busy" and doesn't get around to calling the police until late in the day. Then a body of a young man turns up in an abandoned lead mine. The two don't seem to be related. Peter Robinson is one of the authors who is at the top of my crime-reading list. One article I read said that he is underrated. He truly is. He writes so incredibly well - clearly and with warmth and intelligence. This book is often said to be his finest. It certainly is a fascinating look into what people will do to satisfy their emotional needs. Don't miss this one!

In this, #6 in the Inspector Banks series, a young schoolgirl is abducted from her home by a couple posing as social workers.If you are seeking fast paced thrills, this is not the story for you. I love Peter Robinson's style - the story meanders along at its own pace, drawing conclusions - both erroneous and correct - concerning suspects and motives, before arriving at the truth.I am sad that this is the last audio in this series available at my library....but I will keep reading this very satisfying series.
—Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*

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