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Weiß Der Himmel Von Dir (2010)

Weiß der Himmel von dir (2010)
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Weiß Der Himmel Von Dir (2010)
Weiß Der Himmel Von Dir (2010)

About book: A quick and easy read with a surprising amount of heart to it.Young widow is "stuck" in her grief....and the grief is tangible and understandable the way the author presents it. The "memory smack" is particularly effective in its use - especially since the widow isn't the only one who gets them. Grief can be tricky to write - too much handwringing, too aloof, etc etc. This one was very human and rang very true for me.There are a few things that aren't so great - the dog's storyline didnt resonate with me and Im not sure why the author went with that; the red hat storyline is similar; the "scrump" and other cutesy terms drove me mad; a little overkill on Gladys Knight and the Home Ec teacher nickname... but that's really quite minor. Loved the use of some of the "boston-isms.. one of which was the first time I've ever seen it in print - made me laugh.The expected redemption/happy ending/resolution isn't entirely spelled out, which is good - too much would be too trite. You're left sort of assuming that Zell ends up OK, but you're not entirely sure. Light in spite of several heavy themes and a quick enough read once it grabbed me. The format of three or sometimes more sections in a chapter from/about different characters nearly finished me before I got going and almost wore on me enough to make me stop. I didn't and I'm glad I didn't even with the tied up in a bow ending which somehow bugged me though I saw it coming. At least one major recurring gambit made no sense to me at all but maybe I'm just being pickier than I need to be.
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Another one that I wouldn't have finished if I wasn't 'trapped' on vacation. I'd give it 2.5 stars
this was a really nice story about grief and friendship. easy read.
Beautiful novel written by a beautiful person.
I loved this charmong book.
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