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We'll Always Have Summer (2011)

We'll Always Have Summer (2011)
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1416995587 (ISBN13: 9781416995586)
Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
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We'll Always Have Summer (2011)
We'll Always Have Summer (2011)

About book: I cried so much on this book, the thought that one of the fisher boys will get his heart broken just killed me. And i was kind of scared on the part where Belly & Jere are about to get married & idek why, maybe because subconciously, i'm hoping Belly will end up w/ Con. But on book 2 i've decided that Jere is better but then i've got a glimpse of Con's mind & i just... idk, he blew me up like he always did w/ Belly. And then i started to get confused, idk anymore which of them i'd like Belly to be with. But i'm happy how it ended I can't even stop crying while i'm nearing the end. I just hope the best for everyone of them. Aah! My emotions were everywhere with this book. I have read the other two, and I believe that they were indeed better than We'll Always Have Summer. I still enjoyed the third book however.I felt betrayed by Jeremiah! I had originally disliked Conrad, and longed for Jeremiah to be Belly's boyfriend. This time, I was heartbroken for Conrad. I was practically cheering when they canceled the wedding. Jeremiah became such a jerk in this book. He was particularly moody.I'm going to miss Belly! This series was wonderful and I would definitely recommend it.
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such a good end omg this trilogy was acc so good and conrad is such a babe
This book was so amazing and a perfect end to the trilogy
The infinity part is sooooo sweet!!!
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