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Wenn Die Nacht Verstummt (2011)

Wenn die Nacht verstummt (2011)

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About book Wenn Die Nacht Verstummt (2011)

I really like the storyline...murder in Amish country. I've read the other two books in the series and I like the main lead, Kate Burkholder. However, for some reason in this book I felt the author repeated Kate's emotions too many times. Yes, she has a troubled past, yes she used to be Amish, I get it. I felt like that was repeated over and over in every single chapter. I just felt the author wasn't as deep or descriptive with Kate as she could have been. A series of hate crimes against the Amish community is keeping the local police extremely busy. When Chief of Police Kate Burkholder and her officers are called to the Slabaugh farm, they find the Amish Farmer, his wife, and his brother, dead in the manure pit, overcome by methane gas. They leave behind four children whose only living relative is an uncle who is under the Amish ban. But a routine autopsy shows that this was no accident. Someone wanted them dead. It's up to Kate, Sheriff Rasmussen, and State Agent John Tomasetti to figure out who killed the Slabaughs and if it is tied to the wave of hate crimes.This is the third book in the Kate Burkholder series and my favorite so far. The mystery was superb. Just when I think I have part of the mystery figured out, the author throws in new information I didn't see coming. I also love the characters in this series. Kate and John are both seriously flawed, but are working to overcome their problems. I've liked both characters since they were introduced in the first book. Their growth since the first book just makes we want to root for them more. My rating: 5 Stars.

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Not bad. Still the idea all this happens in a sleepy town is crazy.

a thriller to the end. shocking ending. definitly a good read!

My favorite so far! Great series.

I'm really liking this series!

Great series!

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