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Wer Knuffelt Mit Paulchen? (2010)

Wer Knuffelt Mit Paulchen? (2010)

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3789168793 (ISBN13: 9783789168796)
Verlag Friedrich Oetinger

About book Wer Knuffelt Mit Paulchen? (2010)

I rated this book 3 stars, because while it was a good book, I prefer a bit more depth. This book has social/emotional lessons, teaches respect for personal space, and ties in math and science. This book explores the fact that not everyone wants to be hugged, so you should ask before hugging them. I also liked how the author put directions in the book, along with talking about different animals and nature. Great story about Hugless Douglas who just wants a hug. From anyone, he tries a tall tree, hugged the bottom middle and as high as he could reach but it was all wrong...The art is gorgeous and the kids love looking at all the different expressions on the animals on each page and the text is awesome too. Very expressive and a great read. He gets his hug in the end of course. The last page too is a favourite as it shows the sheep in all variety of hugs and names them all, the kids liked trying out some of them like the Sandwich Hug, the big hug and the come and get it hug!

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Very cute and funny book, my 2 year old daughter loved the sheep running everywhere.

Lovely book for wee ones, all you need is a hug after all!

it was a funny book

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