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What A Woman Wants (2014)

What a Woman Wants (2014)
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What A Woman Wants (2014)
What A Woman Wants (2014)

About book: Judi Fennell delivers a winner with her new series. The first book in the Manley Maids sets the grounds for Mac, owner of Manley Maids winning a bet with her three brothers. If she won the game of poker, they'd owe her four weeks of housekeeping duties. Livvy, inherits a huge monstrosity that's been in her family for years, unfortunately, it comes with strings attached in the form of a scavenger hunt in order to teach her some things about her heritage. Livvy is an organic nut, coming home with her very own barnyard of animals. Fun, crazy mishaps happening all over the place with her babies. Sean, who dreams of turning it into a bed and breakfast, is undeniably attracted to Livvy and can't decide if he wants to make love to her or choke her and her babies. He's got a hidden agenda, he needs to figure out what the stipulations of the will in hopes of turning things in his direction so he can continue on with his plans. Livvy and their attraction stands in his way. A sweet, romantic, funny, contemporary read it captivated me immediately. I was drawn in by all the crazy going on and get me going until the end. I can't wait to see what else Mac has drawn her brothers into. If it's anything like this first book it's going to be a ton of fun!! What A Woman Wants is the first book in the brand new Manly Maids series by Judi Fennell.I adored this book, such a humorously, entertaining read that kept a smile on my face the whole read through.There is so much to love in this book, it's such a feel good story guaranteed to cheer you up and give you a laugh.Sean Manley has lost, lost at a game of poker to his sister Mac, he and his two brothers Liam and Bryan must pay the price, four weeks each as a maid at her Manley Maids business, Sean is at least happy at where he landed at, the Martinson estate, his corporation buys historic buildings and turns them into B & B's, after coming to an agreement with the recently deceased owner he stands to make quite a bit of money by buying the mansion with the plans all in place, until Livvy the the woman's granddaughter makes an appearance to claim the house and her inheritance.Ignored by her grandmother her whole life, Livvy just wants her inheritance to start up her business, and to be able to afford a house that doesn't have a leaky roof and enough room for her menagerie of pets, but then she discovers that the only way that she will inherit anything is to follow her grandmother's instructions and take part in the scavenger hunt which she set up before she died in hopes that Livvy will discover the history of her ancestors.Fighting their attraction to one another, Sean knows to be able to buy the mansion that he needs to thwart Livvy's attempts at discovering all the clues she needs in the two weeks she's been given to solve it all and claim what's rightfully hers, but when their relationship takes the next step and he realises that he's falling in love with her, will he be able to go through with his plans or lose the one thing that has come to mean the most to him in Livvy.If you're looking for a laugh out loud, feel good romance with characters that have sizzling chemistry then check this book out, I can't wait to read both Bryan and Liam's stories and find out just how their month of being a Manly Maid works out for them, and with the sneak peek we've gotten throughout this book of them and their employers they look to be as entertaining as this book was.A great story with loveable characters sure to brighten your day.
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what a good story and premise for a new series.
cute book would love to have a man as my maid
very entertaining
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