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What The Ladybird Heard (2009)

What the Ladybird Heard (2009)
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0230018173 (ISBN13: 9780230018174)
MacMillan UK
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What The Ladybird Heard (2009)
What The Ladybird Heard (2009)

About book: Once upon a time on a farm lived a fat red hen, a duck in a pond, a goose in a pen, a woolly sheep, a hairy hog, a dainty dog, a cat that miaowed, a cat that purred, a fine prize cow and a lady bird. All the animals spoke but the lady bird never said a word. Until the ladybird saw and heard two crafty robbers Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len, planning their cunning plan to steal the fine prize cow. However the little lady bird has a witty plan to sabotage the kidnapping of the fine prize cow. This is an award winning picture book by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks, it is a short adventure read for key stage one readers however older children can also read this book. The creative literature and language allows the audience to be engaged on impact as there is a lot of repetition and rhyming. Furthermore the book also allows children to pronounce the noises that animals say thus makes it more active and enjoyable. Lydia Monks has presented her illustrations in a vibrant age friendly manner thus the picture book is full of colour and the attractive images allows the reader to be engaged. There is also a glittery ladybird on every page which just made the book a little more joyful as I was constantly looking out for the lady bird. I would recommend this book to parents/careers and teachers. What fun to read this book out loud! The text has wonderful rhymes, repetition and rhythm. In the farmyard the ten animals each have something to say. The ladybug, however, listens. And that is Donaldson’s clever key to the story. Ladybug hears two thieves as they make their plan to steal the prize cow. Readers see a humorous map they have made of the farmyard. Ladybug chooses her first word well: It is the most important. “Help!” Then, after the animals “Gather round,” she whispers into each ear, her plan to outwit the robbers. Monk’s cheerful paint and collage illustrations catch the eye and give each animal identifiable visual characteristics to match their predictable sounds. A variety of textures and perspectives create action and interest. This brightly colorful tale is high on slapstick and lacking in menace. It invites listener participation and begs to be read again and again.
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I love the rhyming. The boys loved the map and that the thieves kept stepping in poop!
3.5 A very quiet ladybug saves the day.
Entertaining story and rhyme.
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