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When A Dragon Moves In (2011)

When a Dragon Moves In (2011)

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0979974674 (ISBN13: 9780979974670)
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About book When A Dragon Moves In (2011)

A little boy arrives at the beach for a fun day with his family. He brings everything he needs for building sandcastles (including an active imagination.) The castle he builds comes equipped with a mischievous and playful dragon. Is it the dragon that eats his sister's peanut butter sandwich and puts dragon prints in the brownies? Did the dragon really loose teeth and feathers on the beach? Is that him roaring? The cartoon-style illustrations tell the truth about dragon's existence. Audience: PrimaryGenre: FantasyPre-Reading Strategy: First LinesBy reading the first line or page of a book, students are able to start making predictions about the story. It also helps the students get eager to read the book. This book has a great first line that makes the students start predicting; "If you build a perfect sandcastle, a dragon will move in." students can come up with all kinds of ideas about what dragons could do. I would begin by reading the first sentence/page of the book to the students. This strategy is to help students with comprehension because they are making predictions and thinking about the book. I would try to have students focus on the sandcastle first to predict a setting. The goal would be to get to a beach. Then, we could make predictions on what a dragon would do there. We could also predict how other people would feel about what the dragon is doing. When we finish reading the book, we would go back and check out predictions.

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This is a great book. A little mischievous, but great for inspiring and encouraging imagination.

Reminiscent of Numeroff's "If You Give a" books. Great illustrations.

Found this at the book fair today-love it!

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